Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Of Bishops and Congress

While things are still very busy in my life, I have sent an early copy of my book to a potential publisher in order to have it rejected. Therefore, I feel the need to continue my writing in some form (while I leave my brain sizzle) and will therefore do so online at this very spot. (I know you feel oh so very honored to have my return.)

Political undertakings are nothing more than man's attempt to mitigate the effects of sin by means of mandate and control. Now, as an American (and a Truth-seeking thinker), I absolutely believe that no person was ever made whole (or even in part) by any mandate or control. I will acknowledge that some control is necessary in order to assure the security needed for individual expression. Beyond that, politics becomes nothing more than a ruse. Additionally, I feel that even in its best moments, political action is nothing more than a fallen act by fallen man.

In the midst of the current debate on Immigration reform, the Catholic Church in America is becoming part of the debate on the reform. I must say this worries me profusely (as does all direct Church interaction with the State). In the final analysis, I believe that the prophetic role of the Church will never (EVER) be realized by cooperation with any government. Be it abortion, immigration, or what you will, I earnestly believe that the Church must take all pains to proclaim the Truth separate from all political considerations and legislations. Therefore, as the current debate begins to unfold, it is my heartfelt desire that the Catholic Church will stand prophetically on the side of the Truth, always ready to criticize those areas of political action which are opposed to the Truth. The splendor of Christ is more than legislation in all of its forms. I hope that the Church in America realizes that Religion and Politics must walk a careful balance. It would be lamentable if politics, which ends in coercion and compromise, were to mingle with Christianity which requires freedom and the Absolute. The City of God is made of individuals united to Truth in Person, Christ, not of those who are united in legislation. It is by far better to defend the former than capitulate to the latter for the sake of expediency.

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