Monday, February 26, 2007

After nearly a month of not posting, I now present a semi-rambling reflection which was propagated by a post by John Galardi on Facebook.

Beware, this is a bit rambling but comes to some point, I hope..... I may revisit it to redact it some day and make it a bit more coherent. However, I just wanted to sit down and spew my thoughts on this matter. Without further adieu....

I have been cogitating on this in the back of my mind for the past few days, waiting to reply until the Spirit so moved me. Tonight, graced with the confidence to move forward, I feel that I should laud this post and give my own thoughts to you, Mr. Galardi.

I have been doing a lot of philosophical/theological pondering these past months and have particularly come upon the nature of America, something about which I have neglected much up to this point in my life. However, as we are beset on all sides by the imminent collapse of the West, I have found it most apt to reflect on the two pillars holding the world, acting as God's instruments. In the long tradition of the Western Church, there has always been a perception of the separation (although not a mutual exclusivity) of Church and State. In this degree, I look to the stewardship of the temporal to be in the hands of the State and the eternal mission of Love in the hands of Mother Church.

While the Church remains for me the primary support for the West during this crisis, my gut-instinct was never at rest while I only considered one pillar in the world. It didn't take much reflectionfor me to realize the fact that the political hope of the West (and indeed the world) is absolutely found within the founding spirit of America. Just as the Church is the instrument of God for it is the steward of the Word, so too is America (much to the chagrin of secularists everywhere) founded upon the Absolute. The dignity of the individual, the liberty of the will in this temporal "vale of tears," stands at the core of America (as intended by the founders).

This orientation to the Absolute and its ordering for human affairs in temporality brings with it a mandate. When humanity looks into the face of Liberty, it must, without hesitation, turn from the embrace of Lady Liberty to proclaim the her Truth which is truly at the center of the reality of humanity. This proclamation would indeed be imperialistic to many but, in my opinion, carries with it a mandate to always preserve liberty of choice. (That liberty of choice holds with it temporal and eternal necessities and ramifications. However, this reflection is not to be on law and order, so I will not digress down this path.)

In the world as it is, America remains a bastion AGAINST crude nationalism, for American Nationalism points to humanity in its essence and not just to those of us on this continent. As an agent of Freedom, America must (in order to remain true to itself) promote that Freedom which makes its very existence possible. This is what separates "American" imperialism from the imperialism of any nationalistic entity (or even Union of nationalistic entities). In the face of such relativistic enclaves, America remains a proponent on the side of Freedom, and is all the kinder for being the servant of this most beautiful Lady Liberty. There is no stronger dominatrix than that of Lady Relativism. Her dogma of anti-dogmatism allows for nothing other than enslavement and utter thralldom. American "Imperialism" is never exactly equal to that reality of "Imperialism" which is so often raised in accusation against her, for truly American "Imperialism" remains firmly affixed to Freedom (and therefore humanity in general). It is the Imperialism of Relativism which stands against humanity and would indeed suck the life out of it without reservation, calling itself the steward of freedom when it is nothing other than the steward of imposed thralldom. (We could also discuss the link between Relativists and Marxists which would doubtlessly buttress this case for American freedom which allows the individual to attempt the great venture of life, self-determination which truly builds bonds among human persons. However, I do not look here to even begin to address all the issues I take within the rising Imperialism of Relativism and its concomitant twin, "Progressive" Marxism.)

Now, on a negative note, nations like ours seem to forget their heritage, but Divine providence protects Truth where it is and scourges us in Love. Indeed, slipping into a world of Glamour-Worship and anti-dialogical individualism, America sadly is becoming like Rome and Israel. However, our chastisements, no matter how they come, are to be received penitentially. Hopefully we will be bright enough to heed the call to repentance and to return to the High Call which we have as a nation. Although many see the world through the lens of feeling without thought and "progress" without liberty, there is hope, for even in our worst moments redemption is possible. Indeed, there is even hope if it it comes to the utter dissolution of the West before our very eyes. However, when Zion falls to Rome, Rome to the Vandals, and America to her foes (be they proponents of Radical Islam or Secular Progressivism), the phoenix of Divine Election arises from the ashes anew, with more glorious splendor.

Now, I tend to ramble a bit in a theological mode, not usually in this sort of political mode. However, in order to tie these two distinct, yet prophetically-linked, realms together I should make a note on the relationship of political Liberty and the theological notion of Love. Catholic theology teaches that Love is that reality which undergirds all of reality, and Love is impossible without freedom to choose the other (and the Other). Therefore, the American call to Liberty is inseparable from the reality of Love which leads humanity on to Eternity. In the last analysis, Love becomes the master of the temporal. However, far from removing the grandeur of the temporal affair of Liberty, it enriches it and enables it to become a servant to the ultimate, Eternal orientation of humanity.