Sunday, January 14, 2007

Well, I am kind of living in a period of bleakness for some reason, feeling as though I am stumbling day-to-day without direction, at least to a degree. This growing angst has bubbled into a brief poetic form that you will find below. I hope your 2007 is starting off very well!

To see the flame upon the sill
And see its radiance long until
Its glory seems to fade away
And leave me with the darkest day,
This seems to be the lot in life
Now giving me the deepest strife.

That shining drear extinguishing,
Making my soul feel languishing
From icy grip of living death
And coldest blast of darkest breath,
Assaults my eyes with hopelessness
And blots out seemly loveliness.

Yet through it all, I know it true
That Love will conquer through and through,
For at each time of loss to hate
The Bride of Christ communicates
With Lord above who does enfold
Her in His mantle from of old.

This hope stands there before my eyes
When life seems dark as I surmise
The end of West and lack a road
To travel upon to Love’s abode,
And Faith informs me that death’s election
Ultimately ends with Resurrection.

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