Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Political Correctness and the Fall of the West

Since I love droning on about “the Fall of the West,” I thought it would be appropriate for me to approach this beloved subject once again although from a new, perhaps more pessimistic standpoint. Many tell me I should be quiet and realize that the West has already fallen. I cannot agree with that but will admit that the West is falling. I suppose that I would like to be part of that which supports it during the fall, perhaps being a small voice to keep humanity from losing something great

The overall timbre of my blog as of late has been relatively disparaging of contemporary culture (and should be so). This points, of course, to the singular reality of our day: The West is destroying itself, and we are merely living in its death throes. A massive nail in its coffin is foul Political Correctness. This is the product of much decadence and only stokes the fires of the Fall.

In many ways, Political Correctness is the final product of years of relativism. By viewing pluralism as nothing more than a permissive setting in which everybody’s worldview is equal; relativism has brought us to the point where everybody’s worldview is equally meaningless. This has had two main effects in the culture: (1) Many have become hopeless and live only for instant gratification. (2) Many feel that they should empower their destroyed worldviews by silencing all others by means of cultural stigma. It is (2) which will be focused on in this entry.

Having been born of relativism, Political Correctness stokes those fires with great ferocity, for it cuts off all dialogue under its dark mantle of fear. A great example of this is when one discusses the Founding Fathers of America and the enduring meaning of the Constitution. Relativists who are so ready to be permissive in all things cultural will not bear that many of the Founding Fathers had difficulty with the slavery issue, leaving it for future generations in order to at least start this great nation of America. In this situation, Political Correctness silences all who would defend the founding of America on the grounds that it eventually led itself to the abolition of slavery. Instead, people would rather say that we were nothing more than an imperialist, hate-filled nation from the start. Often coupled with this is the role of missionaries in the Americas. While many tactics used were underhanded, not all was a loss, for a new, more enlightened worldview was brought to the American Continent. Although much could be gained by means of better dialogue, much progress was still made. However, the Political Correctness police will once again step in and silence me for trying to defend something to which an arbitrary stigma is attached (even though I blatantly qualify my statements).

The whole sum of Political Correctness is the silencing dialogue, the very thing it claims to overcome, and this will most definitely contribute to the continued Fall.

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