Friday, March 02, 2007

A Brief Further Exposition into my thoughts on the West and its Fall

In an online conversation with good sir Matthew P. Morley, I had to somewhat (although incompletely) explain my position on the West and its imminent fall. The content of that response is found below.

Well, I suppose we enter into the realm of the relative when we each speak of the "West" without specific definition. I suppose the first bit that should be reflected upon is the role of the Judaism and the Church in the West as both constituent and formative element. While the Judeo-Christian heritage is not strictly Western in character, I would without reservation argue that it most certainly cannot be considered strictly Eastern. (However, it indeed has some characteristics of what I like to call "Eastern Hopelessness in the Created Order," particularly present in Qoheleth. However, the Jewish affirmation of the body and created order as a necessary constituent of salvation sets it apart from the East.) Now, when I speak of the West, I speak in particular of that grand confluence of cultures all around the Mediterranean which took an orientation (although tremulous at times) to the Truth as both cataphatic and apophatic. The fullest refulgence of these convictions was unleashed in unmitigated splendor by the Church, the Pillar and Foundation of the Truth. Therefore, I see the West as being that construct that is intrinsically bound with the Church, as well as the political sensibilities of the Mediterranean, however flawed they would be at times.

Now, as a matter of rhetoric, I often speak in somewhat highly-pessimistic language. However, I do indeed have hope, precisely because the Church is the bulwark of civilization, the True West. What I lament is the fact that we have fallen from the base which the Faith gave to civilization. My cry issues forth in response to the fall of the political reality which used to have such an undergirding from the religious sensibilities of Faith in the Absolute. Therefore, one could say that I believe that the West will indeed live on and will (as I said in my rant) give birth to something greater: “However, when Zion falls to Rome, Rome to the Vandals, and America to her foes (be they proponents of Radical Islam or Secular Progressivism), the phoenix of Divine Election arises from the ashes anew, with more glorious splendor.”

As an afterthought, I think that we focus too often on the final effects of no-fault freedom in our society. While the atrocities of abortion, euthanasia, etc. must be prevented at all costs, I think it only to be one symptom of not understanding the true nature of freedom. It is a destruction that spreads far and wide because of governmental intrusion into life, replacing the family and community with our Big Brothers and Sisters in Washington (and, to a lesser but still important degree, the state capitals). This, coupled with the isolation often inspired by (although not necessarily concomitant with) our media-driven society, is tearing the fabric of responsibility from the heart of humanity. Since Truth and Love are ultimately the most responsible of all affairs, we are destroying our capacity for loving and living under the mantle of the Truth by trying to have a no-fault, anti-responsibility society. This is why I find America to be the political promise of the world, for in its essence (although not in its practice anymore thanks to socialism/Marxism) it is nothing more a country founded on the principle of the preservation and promotion of liberty. This ability to be free enables man to truly be himself, to reach his potential, to live in the Truth and to love.

Also, if the spirit so moves you, look at the following post, for the very brief poem that I wrote was truly about these thoughts:

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