Thursday, December 28, 2006

From the annals, I have pulled another old poem, nearly as old as the last posting to this wonderful blog. This one is a bit dearer to my heart, for it's meter feels a bit tighter and is also on a theme more theological. For better or for worse, you may read on. Enjoy... I hope!

Hope For Awe

Above the earth, beneath the sky,
man walked without a care.
There was no thought that he would vie
with hunger or despair.

The moon, the sun, the shining light
of heaven's night and morn,
impressed on him an image bright
of hope and joy new born.

All things were new unto his eyes
and thus filled to the brim,
he let his intellect arise
to name the world for Him.

It was his place, divinely said,
to use his mind as such.
Yet in this gift his mind was led
to higher thoughts untouched.

Thinking this gift was made for lust,
for arrogance unfurled,
man thought that he was more than just
a steward of the world.

And thus was served the great death-pill
to man through such hubris.
He soon began to think his will
to hold God's divineness.

Alas, O man, your prideful will
has enslaved all mankind
to sin, to sweat, to have our fill
of death's icy cold bind.

And yet this fault does little stop
the Great Creator's plan.
Such acts cannot traverse the top
of His good will to man.

Out of this darkness from the sin
of fallen man did come
a better Word, both God and kin
conquering sin's death-numb.

By words and deeds did Death enter
through man's own prideful lot,
yet in reply to death's letter
a Word salvation brought.

O man, rejoice for in this Word,
mankind, free from death's claw,
sees all the sights, hears all you heard,
and once again has awe.

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